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12pm-4pm Sun & Public Holidays
25 James Congdon Drive,
Thebarton, SA


Fibreglass Statues, Tin Signs, Giftware¬†and Books. Adelaide’s largest range of unique curios to suit any theme or style.

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Stepneys has an amazing collection of the weird and wonderful that will have you saying either where on earth would you put that or, I have to have one. Whether for business or the home the vast array of items will blow your mind. We have included below a glimpse of what can be found in our product catalogue

Animal Statues:

  • Fiberglass Sheep Statues
  • Replica Cow Statues
  • Resin Calf Statues
  • Fiberglass Horse Statues
  • Dog Statues
  • Bull Statues in Fiberglass
  • Full Size Gorilla Statues
  • Panda Bear Statues in Fiberglass Resin
  • Full Size Shark Statues
  • Replica Shark Statues
  • Fiberglass Penguin
  • Fish Models
  • Fiberglass Fish
  • Fake Dolphin Statues
  • Life-size Dinosaur Statues
  • Life-size Fiberglass Camel Statues
  • Fake Crocodiles
  • Kangaroo Standing
  • Sitting Elephant with Trunk-Up
  • Life-Size Rhinoceros
  • Full-size Zebra Statue

Animal Heads:

  • Fake Reindeer Head
  • Fake Elephant Head
  • Fiberglass Tiger Head
  • Lion Head
  • Resin Shark head
  • Replica Dinosaur Heads
  • Fake Ram Head
  • Mounted Boar Head
  • Lookalike Bear head

Human Statues:

  • Elvis Statues
  • Elvis Singing Statue
  • Statue of Elvis
  • Marilyn Monroe Statue
  • Replica Statue of Marilyn Monroe
  • Life-Size Marilyn Monroe
  • Ned Kelly Statue
  • The Terminator Statues
  • Charlie Chaplin replica
  • Fiberglass Myth Warrior Statues
  • American Indian Statues
  • Statue of the Queen
  • Life Size Grim Reaper Statues
  • Witches Statues
  • Fiberglass Pirate Statue
  • Replica Pirate Statue
  • Pirate Statue
  • Blues Brothers Statue
  • Blues Brothers Miniature Statue
  • Fake Cowboy Statues
  • Butler Statues
  • Chef with menu Statues
  • Fireman
  • Religious Figure Statues
  • Baker Statues
  • Kung-Fu Fighter
  • Sports Star Statues
  • Egyptian Statues
  • Egyptian Fiberglass
  • Replica Egyptian Products
  • Egyptian Figurines


  • Advertising Boards
  • Fiberglass Memorabilia
  • Replica War Planes
  • Car Bars
  • Replica Italian masks
  • Advertising Items
  • Advertising products
  • Life-Size Statues
  • Bakery Advertising Boards
  • Butcher Advertising Boards
  • Restaurant Advertising Products
  • Themed- Restaurant Advertising
  • Fiberglass Statues
  • Resin Statues
  • Replica Statues
  • Advertising Display Items
  • Hollywood Figures